GRIIS Application

The Internet would be nothing without applications. GRIIS (Web Enabled Geospatial Rural Infrastructure Information System) is GIS based web application written in Java and J2EE technology which is ideal for client-server model. GIS based GRIIS is specifically developed for Karnataka PRED department to provide information to the general public about the (Geospatial Rural Infrastructure Information System (GRIIS).

In order to promote improvement in the quality of life in the rural areas it is necessary to promote the development of infrastructure including rural communications, housing, water supply and sanitation, watershed development and minor irrigation.

Panchayath Raj Engineering Department (PRED) is responsible for executing works of Rural Water Supply, Rural Sanitation, Rural Roads and CDs, Minor Irrigation and Construction and maintenance of different types of buildings through Panchayath Raj institutions.

PRED data is voluminous and scattered in different levels of offices, Panchayath raj institutions and other departments. So it is necessary to develop GIS based Web/Desktop application to centralise the PRED data and operate it in different level. Facility is also provided to view certain PRED information to the public.